Tuesday, February 23, 2010


...is the name of the game, and, if this were an Olympic sport, I would be the gold medalist. This semester, for some reason, I feel like I have a free pass on, well, everything. I will put off everything and anything until the very last second. It's like I don't actually have anything pressing going on when, in all actuality, I do. You name it, I've put it off. Homework, studying, laundry, running, even blogging. "Good God, woman," I say to myself every time I'm awake at all hours writing a paper (when I clearly could have been doing it earlier, but instead watched too many episodes of Sex and the City), "what are you doing with your LIFE???"

Just last week, I had a 5 page paper due on Friday morning. FML, my favorite night of the week is Thursday. In any event, I resolved to stay in, until some friends asked me to go to the movies. HOW could I turn down a perfectly good chick flick and popcorn? Read: usually I would. But nOoOoOo. I had a paper to write, and therefore I needed to distract myself. So I went to the movies, and didn't start my paper until around 10. Not so bad, 5 pages would take any normal person about three hours, plus half an hour to 45 minutes to revise in the morning.

BUT. I am me. And I distracted myself between paragraphs with facebook, blogs (damn you, blog world), email, youtube and craigslist (check out the personals and missed connections in your city, funny funny shit), which took me right to the witching hour, 3 AM. When I couldn't possibly keep my eyes open any longer, I slept for about four hours, upon which time I had to arise in order to finish my paper. I mean, I got the thing done, and it was pretty damn good, but still...couldn't I have achieved the very same thing earlier and gotten a decent night's sleep?

Do I just not care anymore? Right now, I've had all day to study for a test I have tomorrow. But instead I did laundry, watched the Olympics, spent an hour trying to write about my crazy landlord from summer '08 (still to come...will be my greatest masterpiece...mwahaha), ate some mac and cheese. I didn't do anything productive all day. Couldn't even drag my chunky keister to the treadmill. Why. Why. Why. Why.

I just hope some people out there are as unproductive as I am. Is it a generational thing? Are we all just craving that adrenaline rush? That moment of panic when you look at the clock and it's an hour before class starts, you're in your ratty Hanes t-shirt (no bra), haven't showered in a couple days (for no reason other than that YOU'RE LAZY), and think, "Eff eff eff, am I EVEN going to pull this off?" I think we have just invented too many things that distract us. Like facebook. And youtube. And blogs.

And now that I've wasted another 20 minutes of my life...my textbook is calling me.

side note: CANNOT stop listening to "Karma Police" by Radiohead. This week has breathed new life into that song for me. Listen. Be swept away.


  1. 2500 word essay x2 due friday. Both unstarted FML

    I totally blame the internet too though! As the saying goes - facebook will ruin my degree but wikipedia can save it

  2. I do the exact same thing...put it off as long as possible and then rush at the end to finish. I think once you've learned what you can get away with you take advantage of it. Plus, you're right, there are so many distractions now that it's too easy to find something else to occupy the time.