Monday, February 8, 2010

Going to the Gym

I hate going to the gym. Because we live in a society that is obsessed with body image, girls and guys alike my age flock to the gym five, six and (some people) seven times a week. The worst part is people updating their facebook statuses "class gym shower dinner" etc etc. So pathetic.

Where I live on campus I must first scale a mountain to even get to where the gym is, and then there's a line for a treadmill because God forbid any of us run outside in the cold New England temperatures. Girls usually occupy the treadmills for thirty or forty minutes at a time, doing their best to look like obsessed anorexics. However, if you're like me, you sweat it out for (on a good day) twenty minutes going 5 and a half miles an hour while everyone around you sprints for four miles. Talk about feeling like a failure.

The guys, on the other hand, are big fans of the bike and the free weights. A guy friend of mine thinks it is useless to go to the gym unless you bike for at least an hour. When he gets on the bike he'll ride maybe 50 miles. Huh? And the guys with the free weights is hysterical. The moan and grunt and flex at themselves in the mirror, its completely showing off. Guys are obsessed with bulking up, they drink protein and take supplements, and for what? To impress the wannabe anorexics? What a great culture we have.

And with that, I must be going to the gym. My beer gut is getting a little out of control.

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