Friday, February 26, 2010

oMgZzZ lyke WhAtS iN mY BaG?!?!?

Some preppier blogs out there that I read from time to time like to blog about what's in their school bags. Because my life is a joke, I have decided to mercilessly make fun of them. While all you gals have your perfect VV totes with your coordinated Lilly pencil cases, Vera highlighters and sticky notes with endless organized lists, I can't even find my school ID card, let alone meticulously write everything down and have a proper place for things like pens. I usually have one bag and stick with it. For years.

This is my backpack. See it? All pink and jaunty sitting there in the sun? This picture is from my first summer on the Vineyard, the summer that my backpack was my best friend. I rolled everywhere with that thing, the bag I'd had since high school. Because I didn't have a car, I biked to work. 7 miles. I would pack my bag with workclothes and going out clothes for after work, then I would wear my backpack to parties and bars. The thing was famous (second only to my bike...which I caught a lot of flak for). The older it gets, the more places its seen, the more I love it. Every stain, every spot of dirt.

So what's in it? Hahahahaha.

You don't even want to know.

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