Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gloom and Doom

The print industry is dying. And its partly my fault...and blogger's faults around the world. I started this blog as a way to get my writing out there, but now I see that I was a little misguided. This doesn't mean that I'll stop blogging, but it does mean that in my generation, there will be, sadly, less of a market for good writers, because anyone and everyone can blog if they want to, and anyone in the world can read them....for free.

English majors and blossoming writers all over the world, you best love your craft enough to keep at it, because there's slim to no chance that we'll ever be getting paid. The saddest thing is that I don't know how its fixable, other than people having to pay for access to websites. Of course, this must start at the top (and hopefully trickle down) with huge publications like the New York Times. I've already seen my favorite newspaper, The Boston Globe, flounder and nearly tank. How are writers and journalists supposed to make any money? They spend countless hours, their LIVES to research and write thoughtful and informative articles and stories, only to be distributed for free on the internet, while the math and science brains cash in doing more lucrative jobs (not because they love them, but because they will make money). Can I not do something I love and get paid for it? To quote The Devil Wears Prada, "is that so much to ask? and i reaching for the stars?"

Sweet Sea and I have been on the job hunt for a little while now, and something that is hard is people suggesting to work for online publications. No! I want my name in glossy print! I won't settle for internet because a.) internet does not (and probably should not) get taken seriously and b.) THERE IS NO MONEY. I want to love my job, and I want to write. Seemingly, I cannot have both. And its partially my fault, because I'm here, publishing my work for free.

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  1. I liked this article a lot. As a recently laid-off person, I too was hoping that my love for writing might translate into a career that I might enjoy, but I am finding the opportunities are just not there. You are so right. It's very disheartening that in our quest to put our writing out there we have in part become the instrument of our own defeat. Well done!