Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Start your (mid) week with a list...

1. its a snowstorm...not the apocalypse. so everyone at D'agostino's and Morton Williams can CALM THE EFF DOWN.

2. my boss likes to plan 2-3 years in the future, and I mean in terms of what she's doing with specific dates. I can't even plan lunch for tomorrow.

3. While I understand the intention of the second amendment, I don't think good ol' Founding Fathers would have thought that a military grade machine gun would be used against a crowd of innocent people. Take that, NRA.

4. Along those same lines, notice that whenever Democrats are pissed off, they don't feel the need to go on a killing spree. But, in the words of the ever-wise Sarah Palin, "don't retreat! reload!" What a joke.

5. I <3 my Cat Power station on Pandora. The songs get better and better and better.

6. They didn't put my middle initial below my picture in the yearbook. And I'm PISSED.

7. I was so college in college:

That is all.

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