Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Mid-week list

Because Tuesdays suck so bad.

1. I can't stop getting wiki-sucked into Wikipedia. It's wiki-taking over my wiki-life. Last night, I spent three hours reading about the Royal Families in England. The Tudors, specifically. I continued that journey today by reading all about Queen Victoria, and then, subsequently, the Romanov family of Russia. The sad thing is, this isn't the first time I've done this. And by this I mean wikied the Royal familes of Great Britain in Europe. I had seriously wikied it all before. But here I am, wiki-ing again.

2. Our whole society revolves around worshipping who ever is the most beautiful and/or got the richest the quickest (why else would The Social Network have been nominated for best picture? Certainly not because it was a good movie--though it was enjoyable--but more because everyone in America wanted to know how someone so young was able to become the wealthiest man in America by basically hacking computer systems). We really need to reevaluate.

3. That said, can't wait to see what everyone wears to the Academy Awards.

4. Anyone ever feel like every magazine published is just a rewording of everything that was published last month/last year/two years ago? If I see one more article on "The Best Jeans for Your Body!" or "Flat Abs Now!" or "128 NEW Ways to Please Your Man!" I will actually swallow my own tongue.

5. Sometimes I just really want to eat like 5 hot dogs and wash them down with a box of macaroni and cheese and then have a whole cheesecake for dessert then slip into a food coma and sleep for a hundred years.

6. kthnxferreadinbaiii

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  1. AMEN to getting wiki-sucked. Every time I go to Wikipedia I got lost in Wikiland.