Monday, November 1, 2010


Here I am feeling a little lonely on a Monday night. I suffered an awesome two day hangover with a cherry-on-the-sundae of a very sore neck. I'm feeling extra lonely because I haven't had anyone to talk to all day, not even at work. Watching happy couples on House Hunters isn't making me feel much better. But, I was thinking about all the wonderful people I've lived with, and it's making me feel a little less alone. When I talk about many of my friends, I often classify them as "my roommate." I had someone say to me once, "Wait, how many roommates do you have?" The answer was, and is: many. I've had 8 college roommates, and a dozen or so more summer roommates. In each place, the roommates created a family, even if just for a short while, everyone had a home to go to.

The original roommate, my gorgeous sister Brittany
aka BooBoo
aka Middens 
(like mittens, but we're silly.)

College roommates: Kaylas, Alex, and Elizabeth. 
Alex and I were direct roommates for all our HC years.

More college roommates (and NYC pals)
Fish and Tines

No Ris, I did not forget about you! 
Congrats, Bets, you made it on twice.

My gorgeous (NAHT) first house on MV.
Jeff, Ben, Joe. Summer '08.

Girls summer '08. Ash & Cat (&me)

Summer 2009. Not all of these were roommates!
Half of them lived next door. Two of the boys were my blood relations.
The third might as well have been.

Summer 2010. My sweet, southern gentlemen who 
enjoyed their fair share of whiskey.
Will & John.

Summer 2010, Ash & Ben reappear. Beautiful couple.
 Life friends, even if they're far (Ashley lives in Singapore now, Ben in Cali)

 Hey Mikey! He likes it! Summer '10.
And who could forget my sweet Suzie Q? 
Thank goodness she lives in NYC.


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