Saturday, November 27, 2010

The obligatory Thanksgiving wrap-up

Best holiday ever. Here's why:

Hometown football rivalries, best spent with Mom, Dad & brother in the stands, watching littlest (not-so-little) brother in the marching band, and my adorable grown-up cousin on the football field.

Listening to the noontime 100.7 WZLX airing of Alice's Restaurant. You can get anything you Alice's restaurant...

My dad's superstrong coffee (Starbuck's Columbian, enough ground coffee for 8 people, but only enough water for 5) with a little Bailey's Creamer (is it me, or is the WORLD SHAKING???)

Thanksgiving dinner with only 26 close family members. We have SO MUCH to be thankful for! Did I happen to mention my supercute cousin Lindsay has a supercute and funny blog? Read it!

Sibling traditions: a late movie at the theaters (this year it was Megamind), an even later basement showing of Titanic, my brother cooking us hotdogs for a 2 AM snack (even though my sister opted for clementines instead...freak), and watching my brothers try to stay awake for 4 AM shopping (don't worry...I passed this year).

My snuggly dog who likes to take up half of my childhood twin-sized bed.

Sharing fun family memories. When we were kids and were doing something stupid, my dad always said to us: "What are you doing? What good can come from that?! NOTHING good can come from that!" Or, when he was really mad (my parents weren't the swearing type) he would say "Boo! BOO HISS!" like we were dogs or something. But hey, it worked. Just saying.

Getting to read the Boston Globe, my favorite newspaper.

I hope everyone else is having a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend!

ps...I'm already sick of Christmas music. No, I couldn't end this post on a positive note. Sue me.

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