Friday, October 29, 2010

reasons I need a pet

Tonight, after a long week of work (you know, the usual, pulling staples, scanning, pulling staples, scanning, removing paper jams, and scanning some more), I spent some quality time with my best buddies, blanks and lemon.
 I know blankie looks kind of gross.
But I love him.
 Isn't Lemon Bear the cutest? 
My siblings used to fight over him when we were kids. 
But he was always mine!

 Lambs joined too. What a ho. (Just kidding LUVYAGUUURL)
We be snuggsin with Blanks and Lambz allll nighhhht.

We need boyfriends. Or a dog.


  1. true that.


  2. Love this post, hey I've got three old cuddly's on my bed. No shame in it is there?

  3. Cute! I have something similar that is getting very worn and ragged, it's an old bunny named Puffy! <3

  4. Well this is just the cutest post over, I do believe. I have a beloved bunny rabbit named ... wait for it ... Bunny. I love him.

  5. I have a Gaa-Gaa. She' old silk slip of my mom's that I became permanently attached to at age 2.

    Then I have Teddy....this bear is like 4 years older than me...I stole him from my aunt when I was 3. Teddy now wears Gaa-Gaa because Gaa-Gaa almost got flushed during a 2am potty run when I was 7.

    I agree that this is the cutest post ever!!!

  6. puppy PLEEEASE, but maybe not yet...