Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair Envy

My hair used to be long. A foot and a half of gorgeous, luxurious golden brown hair. I loved it. I thought it was my best asset. I loved the way it fell over my shoulders and down my back, the way I could put it in a long side braid and and keep it back in a headband for work. And then, I cut it. It needed to be cut. It was time. My mother took me out and bought me a suit, and the long hair didn't work. It could never work.

But, even five months later, I am mourning the loss of my locks. Those beachy, sun-drenched summer days, the way it was so heavy that it never needed to be straightened. I now look at other girls with hair down to their tits and go green with envy. I think to myself, "I must have that again." Granted, now that I've cut it, my hair looks healthier, and it's lighter, and it doesn't require as much shampoo. It stays in ponytails easier, too.

But, God, that hair. Has anyone else ever had hair regret?


  1. I chopped off about 15 inches last spring- always tempted to grow it back, but I know I look older and more professional without it. same goes for dread locks :(

  2. Um, hell yes. One time I cut my hair above my shoulders and I thought I was going to die with grief. Every time I saw a girl in real life or a magazine with long hair I would, like you said, "go green with envy." Luckily, it grows back.

    And I think long hair can look "grown up" and professional too. It doesn't have to be short. To me, that's like a total 1980s thing.

  3. Even us guys get hair regret. Ah, the sacrifices we make for corporate America. But at least you still gorgeous with short hair. I always end up looking more like Drew Carey.