Sunday, April 18, 2010

cranky sundays

Today is just one of those days. Because this is not my personal journal (slash, no one really cares about how I'm feeling, and my blog was not designed for that purpose) I'm just going to muse about what causes crankiness.

I don't really have anything to blog about today, maybe that's making me crabby. I have always feared running out of things to say. I know I came up with something brilliant just yesterday, but it have since flown out of my head. But really, has my creativity dried up after only, what, five months? I'm sure not, and I've learned in my creative writing classes that some months, weeks, days are more productive than others.

But what is special about today? I'm not hormonal, so that wouldn't explain this inexplicable urge to cry (I probably won't it's just an urge). Perhaps I'm emotional over graduating, perhaps I'm really beginning to realize that I'm ready to move on, and that simply scares the shit out of me.

Perhaps just because it's Sunday. When I was a freshman at a college in Vermont (I transferred out before my sophomore year), Sunday was the worst day of the week. It was the day I was most homesick, the day I just wanted a mom cooked meal and a freshly folded pile of mom done laundry. It was always the day my then-boyfriend would leave for home if he was visiting, and the day I spent hungover in bed, cocooned within the four cement walls of my dorm while the world spinned outside. It seems I have moved on from the homesickness, but Sunday still feels like an empty day. I hope, in the future, Sunday can be less about feeling icky and more about embracing the idleness of the end of the week. Maybe I'll take this afternoon and simply lounge, stop thinking about all the homework I have to do and just read, relax. Maybe take a nap. And not think about the delicious roast beef my mom is making for dinner at home tonight.

Side note: I saw that new Miley Cyrus/Nicholas Sparks movie "The Last Song." I learned three things:
1. Miley Cyrus sucks at acting, and the way she holds her mouth pisses me off.
2. Apparently, love doesn't exist unless you're really good looking. If it does, no one wants to see it.
3. I laugh at inappropriate times, like when the girl in front of my was uncontrollably sobbing, and I couldn't stop giggling because the plot was so dumb.

Cool soundtrack though (aside from that TERRIBLE Miley song).

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  1. You are too funny about the Miley thing, and I'm sure you're right and should be laughing.

    I never enjoy Sundays at college either. They're just for hangovers and homework.