Thursday, March 24, 2011

that time i met a guy on the Staten Island ferry

Guys. Today I met the cutest guy. I'm serious.

Because my computer is a little slut and decided to contract a nice, juicy virus last week, I sent it down to Wagner with Auntie Brittie, my lovely sister. And hooray, hooray, the brilliant IT department at her little school on Staten Island fixed my beloved laptop good as new, thus a trip over there was a necessity. Plus, she can feed me dinner. So, after work today, I hopped on down to the Staten Island Ferry. If you're in NYC, make sure to check it out. It's free, and it goes right past the Statue of Liberty.

I boarded the 5:30 ferry out of Manhattan, planning to decompress from my workday before my quality sister-and-cafeteria-food bonding time. But then I saw this guy. Tall, wearing a DOT Staten Island Ferry uniform, strapping, killer jawline, just cute cute cute. Hmm! I thought as I sat down, though I promptly pulled out my book and forgot about him. You see, every other guy (and sometimes, every guy) you see in the city is good looking. Sometimes they're wearing rings, sometimes they're wearing bad footwear. Sometimes they look in your direction, most of the time they don't. Regardless, the wildlife is fun to look at.

So I'm reading, and I'm looking out the window, and then I'm reading. Cute guy walks by, says hello. I try to smile prettily, caught off guard, but manage to say hello back.

"Do you always ride the 5:30?" He asks.

Urmmmm? Is cute guy TALKING to me????

"No, no."  I manage to stammer. "I'm going to visit my sister."

"Your sister?"

"yeah, um, she goes to Wagner."

He leans against the window across from me. Can he see my face getting red? Oh God, I'm not wearing any makeup! But, somehow, he keeps talking, like he actually wants to talk to me. And as it dawns on me that I'm being chatted up by this cute guy that works for the Staten Island Ferry. And I'm really fucking nervous. And when I'm nervous I clam up. I've even been called cold by a date before. OUCH. And this guy is really cute. I even dig his semi-crooked teeth. He's from Long Island, he says, he's in the Coast Guard. Spent some time in Massachusetts, when I mention that's where I'm from. But I'm utterly tactless, my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I have nothing charming to say. I keep wondering whether or not I should stand. I can't think of anything to say, I can't think of anything to say OH GOD I'M SO BORING, HE'S CUTE AND HE'S GOING TO REALIZE I'M DULL AND WALK AWAY...

The boat docks and I stand abruptly.

"Well, I should get in line. Your name?" and he tells me, and then I shook. his. hand. WTF?!?!? And then I walked away. SO BAD. Didn't have the balls to, perhaps, ask for a number, or give him a chance to ask for mine. Didn't ask him, hey, I might take the 8:30 ferry back, will I see you? I GAVE MYSELF NO OPPORTUNITY TO SEE CUTE GUY AGAIN.

Ok, you're thinking, come on. This is one guy. One time. But I don't know, there was something about him. And I ruined it by being nervous.

Well, at least I know where he works. Should I go stalk his life on the ferry, or is that just too desperate?


  1. my parents met on the staten island ferry...

  2. As they say, if it is meant to be...ha, ha! NOT. Take another trip to see mother liberty and your sister. If you run across him, remember how great you are SJT! You are the ultimate prize! He made the first move, after all! Maybe the next view of cute guy does not pan up to your first impression. But, as a mom will always say - and I am the ultimate embarrassing very careful of strangers! Love your writing. Keep at it!

  3. you go get him ;)

  4. This sounds like my life. I'm the EXACT same way around cute boys. Go get 'em. :)

  5. I think you should definitely take another trip on the Staten Island ferry!

  6. thrash you get yo butt back on that ferry right now. I will chase you straight up the loading ramp if I have to.

    that would be quite a scene. would definitely catch his attention?

  7. ...I too was tongue tied the first time Dad asked me out to lunch, I simply said no ...not "oh, I can't do lunch today, but maybe tomorrow" or "oh I can't do lunch, but we could meet for a drink after work if your free" no, not me, I simply said NO !!!! So I say, get back on the 5:30 today saying you left your phone,
    i-pod, wallet, something and you talk to him first this time .... Good Luck !!!

  8. aww steph you're so cute ; )

  9. Time to "visit your sister" again!! Maybe this time have your number ready...just in case! Good luck!

  10. Please, please take the ferry!! And keep us posted! Love your blog!

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