Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes, when watching TV, I think about weird things

I'm on a serious Mad Men kick right now. Like, serious serious. A la Harry Potter and Mormon Blogs. Can't stop...won't stop. I started watching this show when it was in it's second season and subsequently bought the first season on itunes. Needless to say, the habit has continued. I'm so obsessed. I do love TV. I was a huge fan of the OC back in the day, watched The Practice (a way-too-old-for-me legal show that took place in Boston) every.single.night. (it was in syndication). The summer I was fifteen, I watched two episodes of Dawson's Creek every morning (it was also in syndication), followed by the episode of ER that directly followed. I love Jersey Shore. God help me if there's a marathon of 16 and Pregnant or its evil spawn (I'm so punny) Teen Mom.

But sometimes I wonder things.

Like, when a woman takes of her high heels with a guy present: "don't her feet stink? how can he still be turned on?" or maybe I'm the only girl on the planet with smelly feet after work. And along those same lines, when people kiss passionately (especially in the morning, or directly after eating): "what if your breath stinks?"(Didn't you know that guys are lining up outside my apartment waiting for me? Stinky foot bad breath girl.)

Maybe I'm a cynic and, while I watch these shows, simply don't buy into them. I can't tell you how many times in a lawyer show the argument the lawyer is making would be totally inadmissable, heresay, badgering the witness, and all sorts of other courtroom fraud. "Objection" in a real courtroom is said so often that it fails to be a point of interest, but in TV shows its a spectacle: YOUR HONOR, OBJECTION!!! is just not how it's done in real life. And don't even get me started on all of the horrific accidents that happen on medical shows like Grey's Anatomy. It is so statistically rare that of the 5 surgical interns all working together, one would "drown" and live, another would get stage 4 OMGZZZ YER GONNA DIE cancer and live, and then another would get hit by a bus and die. In real life, they probably all would have died, and then the hospital would be deemed cursed because so many of their doctors are killed in freak accidents.

But I also wonder other thing like: how is it, Don Draper, that we've seen you drink like 7 scotches, four martinis, and smoke three packs of luckies and you can STILL drive home and/or get it up?

Betty looks like she smells like a dozen really expensive roses, and everyone sure acts like she does, but how does she NOT smell like a stubbed out ciggie butt?

This post has been pointless.
Its accidentally been a lot about smelly stuff. And my obsession with television.
What? not much is happening in my life right now.


  1. I love everything about this post. I also watch too much TV and wonder these same things! But I can never write it out so hilariously. My fav quote:"...stage 4 OMGZZZ YER GONNA DIE cancer." I literally laughed out loud. Izzy's storyline was both so intense and so ridiculous!!

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  3. i've passed the stylish blogger award on to you!!

    keep up the awesome blog!!