Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sorry NYC, Boston will always be laughing at you

In case anyone hasn't heard, there was a BIG, MONSTER snowstorm earlier this week along the east coast. It was all anyone in the media could talk about for about 36 hours (before, during, right after). Being from the Boston area, I was at home there with my family over the holidays and got to see the wonderful storm in action. It dumped nearly two feet on us, but luckily, it was overnight and most of the towns and cities were up and running again by Monday afternoon. I even have friends that went to work on Monday, in Boston.

So when I returned to New York today, I naively thought (because, in part, Massachusetts dealt with the storm swiftly) that everything would be fine. Not so.While the sidewalks are navigable, the crosswalks are slippery, there is still snow on the streets, and from the looks of things on NY1 (the totally awesome continuous-feed local news channel with totally awesome Ron Burgundy status anchors), many New York streets (many being in the boroughs) haven't been plowed, and many cars have been plowed under 4+ feet of snow. Trains, apparently, have been running in an abysmal fashion (speaking of which...haven't heard from roomie yet...she works in Brooklyn...can't wait to hear how THAT commute went today), and somehow people were even STUCK OVERNIGHT on a subway on Sunday. Let me tell you right now, if I had been on that subway, I actually would have wanted to commit suicide. MTA busses were snowed in, and the select bus service still isn't running, almost 3 days after the fact. To make matters even that more smooth, the MTA fare hike goes into effect tonight. To break it down for everyone: there's snow everywhere, mayor Bloomberg is making excuses, the metro sucks ass even more right now than it usually does, and the New Yorkers are PISSED.

But you know what I think would make New Yorkers even more pissed? What a laugh everyone in Boston is getting right now, at their expense. WBZ Boston did an entire segment on the lack of NYC snow removal on the 11 PM news last night, saying that New York "choked on this storm like it was a 3 games to none lead in the ALCS." OOOO. TAKE THAT, BIG, FANCY NEW YORK. SUCK ON THAT ONE. BOSTON HAS BEAT YOU AGAIN. The same amount of snow fell in both cities, but because Boston has no problem telling people to get their cars the F out of the way, Bostonians were able to resume their lives around noontime Monday (that is to say, unless you were traveling, because then you were shit out of luck). But we already know that while NYC has the reputation of being the fastest-paced, the brightest lit, and the most sleepless city in the WORLD, if you actually want to get something done in the city, you better set aside at least an hour, because it will probably take you that long to merely get to your destination, no matter how close you think it is.

For your viewing pleasure:
Keller @ Large: NYC Can’t Handle The Blizzard
Enjoy Mayor Menino's cameo. 

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