Monday, December 20, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

"Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking, JUST A MOMENT."

If you've never seen Office Space, you should probably just go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Or rent it.

Things I sucked at this month:
Getting into the Christmas Spirit
Not being homesick
Saving money (one anecdote: bought a month long metro pass last Sunday. I had lost it by the evening rush hour on Monday)
Sending Christmas cards (even though I bought them...I guess there's still time to send them)

Things I've been really good at this month:
having friends over for dinner
meeting friends for lunch
going to Christmas parties
remembering and being thankful for my wonderful: friends, roommate, parents, siblings, etc

I promise, more blogging will happen this week.


  1. You can get your metrocard back if you bought it with a credit/debit card....

  2. im going through "the list" withdrawel.