Tuesday, September 28, 2010

joan > peggy

I'm sure for years to come, girls in the working world (sadly... I am not there yet..............) will classify themselves as either a Joan or a Peggy. Yes, I'm talking about the ever-popular tv show Mad Men (which I have been watching since season one, I'm no bandwagoner!). Destined to be the next show that is influential on fashion as Sex and the City, long gone will be the days we classified ourselves as Carries, Samanthas, Mirandas, or Charlottes. Of course we could widen the Mad Men terms and add a little Betty, but who wants to be a bitchy, coiffed ex Mrs. Draper? I'd so rather still be married to him, but without the cheating. You have to give her a little credit though, there was that one scene where Betty Draper, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, took a shotgun to her cranky neighbor's pigeons. Priceless.

Anyway, the contest really seems to be between Peggy Olson, the mousy, self-made copywriter, years ahead of her time but constantly trodden upon by her male bosses and co-workers, and Joan Holloway (more recently Harris), the sexy head-secretary with quite the past with, namely, Roger Sterling.

While I think most self-respecting girls would want to be like Peggy, a go-getter, a success story, and innovator, a role model for working girls everywhere, I still find my favor to be more with Joanie. Here's why:
1. She's always put together. She's stylish. She's beautiful. She's curvy and wears red lipstick. She doesn't walk, she sashes.
2. She keeps things on an even keel, and she's flexible. She always knows who to call and can whip together a last minute office party, or knows how to rearrange the table settings for a dinner party so her husband's bosses aren't offended.
3. She doesn't get all worked up unless it really matters.
4. She's in charge. She may only be a secretary, but hell, the company basically doesn't run without her.
5. You have to give it to her, she's sexy. We all wish we could be that sexy.

Channel your inner Joan with this ModCloth dress! I know I will...

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  1. if that dress isn't hangin' in the coat closet on 79th st in 2 weekends i'm going to be disappointed.

    and ehhhh i think imma peggy with a side of joan?