Wednesday, September 29, 2010

going no 'poo

Yesterday I was the Stop and Shop with my mom when we started talking about shampoo. I already hate showering (I think its a waste of time, water, etc. besides, I think it feels better to be really dirty and then shower so you feel extra clean), and I was telling her that you're only supposed to wash your hair two or three times a week. Now folks, I usually shower every other day, which I think is quite reasonable, so dont freak out! But my mother and my sister shower every day, sometimes twice. I know that most people do, but I just think its kind of a waste, I mean there are starving children in Africa and there's no clean water in India! That was a gross overstatement, but I think you catch my drift.
::steps off soapbox::

Back to the shampoo conversation, my mom mentioned that a very good friend of hers has gone what people like to call "no-poo." Legitimately, this woman my mom knows has not shampooed her hair (or conditioned) since July.

Interested, I flew right to my best friend Google and looked it up. Apparently your body will produce the right amount of oils and stuff to keep your hair looking its naturally best, with only one or two treatments of baking powder and vinegar a week. High five nature! Inspired, I called up my friend Annie, who sounded doubtful yet supportive (love ya, Ann) and then jumped in the shower ('cause I was a little smelly). My shampoo stared mournfully at me from the top shelf, but I resisted, and simply rinsed.

Alas, it took my hair about 6 hours to dry, probably because it was kind of greasy. And both Annie and our other friend Rose said no 'poo probably wouldn't be accepted in the real world, much less the NYC world I am about to enter. Oh well, my scalp was getting kind of itchy anyway. It was a nice thought...but I like my shampoo just the way it is.

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  1. New to your blog--Love this post. How wonderfully honest this is...I shower everyday (wasteful!) but I will agree with you on one thing: it feels so good if you skip a day or so and then wash your hair! Squeaky clean! Visit me at A Big Little Life : )