Saturday, March 27, 2010

Personal Ad

Because I seemingly scare men away like the desert scares the rain (ooo cool Annie Lenox pseudo-reference), and completely without intention, I have decided it's time to change my style. For the last couple of years, my approach has been kind of a lack-of-approach if you will, a non-agressive, apathetic technique. But apparently this is completely undesirable. I once had a guy friend say that I was like "a guy in a girl's body." Mmhmm. I guess it's a pretty good compliment; I'm not high maintenance, and I'm fun to be around. That's great if my guy friends feel like that--it's probably why we're friends. But I've gotten to thinking recently that what if all men see me this way? I've chosen to use the passive path because before this, in high school, I learned that active pursuit was, also, quite undesirable. So what's a girl to do? Internet dating, without question. But because I'm cheap, obviously I'm going to list myself in the personals on craigslist. In the words of the ever-poetic Rihanna: "Come here rude boy!"

What does everyone think of this???
A soon-to-be college grad with a passion for writing, poetry, foreign films, absinthe, and everything Europe (though I only speak English!), but simultaneously interested in extraterrestrials, time travel, speaking Chinese, and black eyeliner. You must be: preferrably a RISD grad, though Mass Art will suffice, sensitive on the inside but tough on the outside (not unlike a toasted marshmallow, which, incidentally, I adore, though I hate camping), blue eyed, impossibly muscular, love children and puppies and the outdoors, know how to fight bears ('cause you never know!), and a cage fighter. If this sounds like you, we should meet for coffee (even though I hate coffee!), and then we'll see. I'm totally easy going despite being a golddigger!!!

p.s. If you are none of these things, email me anyway. I might not be any of these things either. Include pics.


....I'm not actually planning on doing this. But I mean let's be real here, how the hell else am I supposed to pick up guys? They're all so impossibly unavailable.

Happy Saturday!

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