Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Well I've already hated on the Duggars, that lovely Christian family from Arkansas. My mom and I think that one of their kids someday will rebel and write a tell-all book about their disgusting family. Entertaining, nonetheless, is the special about Josh Duggar's wedding to wife Anna. They waited until they were married to kiss. And I mean their first kiss. Ever. Also, on the way to their hotel after the reception TLC shows the pair listening to a Christian sex instruction tape. I wish I was kidding.

But enough about them. My next target is TV's favorite Republican: shiny, pure Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View. The blond beacon for wannabe Sarah Palin housewives everywhere complete with a gold cross around her neck, Elisabeth may be perhaps the most dangerous person on daytime TV.

Why, you ask? Because as a daytime star who appeals to women (as opposed to the dread-locked Whoopi Goldberg or the brash Joy Behar), she really can get her message out there. It helps that she is the most beautiful person on The View, with her football player husband and her catholic education (I know I shouldn't hate...I also have a Catholic education), she is the quintessential thing that many American women want to be. It doesn't matter that Whoopi and Joy, and even Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepard have more intelligent things to say, Elisabeth just blabbers over them. Her gloating is unreal. Just last week when the INDEPENDENT Scott Brown won for senator in Massachusetts, Elisabeth sat smugly in her chair, stating how obviously the people had spoken and were tired of politics as usual in Washington. Um, HELLO. We just endured 8 years at the unfit hands of George W., the man who wrecked the world. Its conservatives like Elisabeth that are so quick to write Obama off, they can't even give him a chance. The man walked into office amidst 2 wars and an economy headed for complete collapse. This cannot be fixed overnight! Its not even feasible to think he could have fixed it in a year! But Elisabeth with her lips lacquered with gloss sits there with her nose in the air naysaying the shit out of the democratic party, and believing that simply because Scott Brown won in Massachusetts that republicans everywhere had won, and that the entire country wishes Bush was back in office.

Whew. I'm starting to sweat. These things can really get me going...just be happy it's not October 2008, or I would have probably posted 10 times about how much I hated Sarah Palin. I still might.

For your pleasure, and in case I was unclear or inarticulate, this youtube video should explain much of what I am feeling:

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  1. I kind of feel sorry for her husband. Except for the bedroom stuff of course; everyone knows that the crazy ones are always the best in that area.