Thursday, January 7, 2010

Really Bad Theatre

During my long breaks, I love to indulge myself with TV. I do this especially over Christmas break because it’s too short to have a job, and I have no schoolwork. It’s a small problem; the week after Christmas I killed a season of Entourage and two seasons of House. Instead of doing something intelligent like reading, or something outdoorsy like going for walks or skiing, I rot my brain in front of the TV. At least at the beginning of my vacation, I watched TV that had some kind of heart, some kind of brains.

But as so many good things do, it’s all gone to shit. I have sucked down every episode I could of Jersey Shore, the popular MTV show about deplorable lowlifes living in "Sleaside" Seaside, NJ.

And now, I’m onto this show produced by ABC Family called “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. It’s horrible. A 15 year old in suburbia gets knocked up at band camp by a bad boy who has sex like a frat guy (at the ripe old age of 16). The show also involved pregnant girl’s 15 year old boyfriend who wants to marry her despite the fact she’s pregnant by someone else. There’s a plethora of other horrible characters. Coupled with acting worse than that of a daytime soap opera, this could possibly be the worst debacle currently on television.

And yet, I cannot stop watching.

Secret Life might even be more addicting than House. The bad acting somehow seems not so bad after awhile. People that you thought were ugly become beautiful. I start to be able to relate. Its crazy! I need to go back to school soon, just so I can start to rebuild my IQ, because this string of awful TV watching has got to loosen its grip on my life. My taste has descended from the witty banter of House and his crew trying to crack medical mystery into the not so witty banter of kids talking about whether or not they want to have sex. No one in real life talks about it as much as these kids do! Just frank each other already; the length at which you discuss it is exhausting.

Did I mention I’m also currently a huge fan of MTV’s Teen Mom? Help.

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  1. Haha...I am also on break from school right now and my brain is also rotting away from watching these terrible shows...I need help too!!