Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blog award!

Yay for my roomie, CMG from The Sweet Sea for my very first blog award. CMG and I started blogs together in November as creative outlets. Her blog is one of my favorites!

Here are my responses:
where is your cell phone: ha i don't know
your hair: I just cut it! (see post November 24)
your mother: the best
your father: also the best
your favorite food: hot dogs
your dream from last night: I know I had one, but I cant remember..
your favorite drink: wine and beer
your dream/goal: to become some kind of writer (dumb, i know)
what room are you in: my common room
where do you want to be in 6 years: somewhere, happy, living my life
where were you last night: in my room, drinking with friends
something you are not: boring!
muffins: blueberry
wish list items: happiness, family, friends.
where did you grow up: south of Boston
last thing you did: i've actually done nothing all day, and its been great
what are you wearing: haha, pjs.
your TV: on! were watching the O.C.
your pets: Tucker, my doggy!
your friends: the best
your life: so fun
your mood: pretty good, going home tomorrow for Christmas break!
missing someone: my family, friends from home (soon ill be missing friends from school)
vehicle: 2000 maxima, on its last leg
something your not wearing: socks
your favorite store: J.Crew, anthropologie
your favorite color: blue! all hues.
last time you laughed: probably like 5 minutes ago
last time you cried: yesterday after i FAILED a terrible final
your best friend: i have too many! they're all amazing
one place you go over and over: not sure, class? the dining hall?
one person who emails me regularly: um, J.Crew?
favorite place to eat: all restaurants!