Tuesday, September 27, 2011

things that are currently driving me nuts (the art of hyperbole)

having to feed myself every day

my job

the insane crowd at 59th street every afternoon while trying to transfer from the n-q-r to the 6 (a train which, by the by, transports more people on a daily basis than the entire DC Metro and Boston T COMBINED)

my empty bank account

my empty life

other people's blogs

not being able to stop reading stupid news websites that basically illustrate the coming of the apocalypse

my job

people in love (this can be anywhere: on the street, on subway platforms, on tv, in the movies...)

people that like their jobs

the pimple on my chin


1 comment:

  1. Oh Em Gee. This post is so delicious I just may lick the computer screen. Just a tiny lick. So refreshingly raw, blunt, honest.

    Dudette, there are times I have a pimple on my chin AND one on my cheek. Talk about ornery.

    Keep your writing life alive. No matter what. You're too honest to shut up.