Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hollywood’s double standard

A few weeks ago one of my roommates and I decided to watch a movie with a couple of guy friends that live downstairs from us. Their movie of choice was Superbad. Now, I appreciate Superbad. I think it’s funny and, at times, clever, albeit completely unrealistic. But then, most movies are unrealistic, and ill tell you one of the reasons why:

The misogyny of Hollywood is rampant.

That’s right, I said it. Hollywood hates women.

Take, for example, Judd Apatow movies. The guy is great, and I find all of his movies to be completely hilarious. HOWEVER, the male leads in films like Superbad and Knocked Up are, while funny, not as good looking as the female leads. Seriously, Seth Rogen ending up with Katherine Heigl? Get Real. In real life, kids that look like Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill) don’t end up with girls that look like tween supermodels (insert Jules and Becca). Evan and Seth are weirdoes, or at leas they are made out to be, while Jules and her friends are made out to be the most popular girls in school. I mean, lets be honest, Seth had a problem with drawing penises, which is funny, but that’s not something people in high school would forget about. I don’t know about you, but where I went to high school, the ’popular ’ girls would never have looked twice at the boys who were considered freaks. Yet here in Hollywood we have the overweight, poorly dressed, foul mouthed, penis drawing and fairly not good looking character of Seth who, in the end, gets the popular, pretty, righteous (she ’doesn’t like to drink’) character of Jules. Its complete crap!

Now, let’s turn the tables. What does Hollywood do when the girls are made out to be the weirdos who dress unfashionably and have bad hair? They give them a makeover and BOOM: popularity ensues. Let’s take two examples for this: the Princess Diaries starring Anne Hathaway, and the Breakfast Club, our character of example being played by actress Ally Sheedy. Anne Hathaway is a frizzy haired, retainer wearing eccentric in the Princess Diaries. She dreams of finding love, but the popular kids look at her as a pariah. But, with a stroke of hereditary luck, she finds out she is royalty. Her queen grandmother and the royal assistants pluck her eyebrows, blow out her hair, put a little makeup on her, give her a designer backpack. Voila! Boys notice her! Her longtime crush kisses her! She gets everything she ever wanted! Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club is an introvert, also with bad hair and clothing without friends. But just a little makeover action from Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevezs popular jock character falls for her. Did we forget that these girls still have the same personalities? Whatever made them freaks before is still there! The guys they like would never have fallen for them before, but now that they look pretty, the guys seem to change their minds. Michael Cera and Jonah Hill didn’t have makeovers that impressed Becca and Jules. I say again: absolute crap. In order for a girl to be appreciated by the object of her affection, she must change the way she looks because, according to Hollywood, THAT IS ALL MEN CARE ABOUT. Guys just have to prove that they are funny, and the girl is putty in their hands.

What this all does is boost male egos. Guys that aren’t that good looking always think they can do better that a girl that might not be a 10. All guys think they deserve 10s. THEY DON’T. What will it take for people to stop being so superficial? I’m not saying that men take all of their hints about women from the movies; I don’t think that all men are complete idiots (lets face it, women are idiots too), but movies like the ones I have mention simply don’t do anything to help the cause. It seems, to me, that women in Hollywood are often treated as objects. It’s wrong.

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